What Is A Sale Of Shares Agreement

If the conditions set out in clause 3.1 have not been fulfilled (or have not been lifted) by [•], then this Agreement (with the exception of clauses 13 to 21 (other than clauses 14 and 19) and Annex 1) shall no longer have force and effect and neither party shall have any claim of any kind against the other party under this Agreement (except with respect to the rights and responsibilities of the parties, prior to termination. 3.3. The Seller agrees, under the foregoing condition 3.1 (b), that it disposes of the Property on market terms, that it will bear all taxes and similar obligations, as well as all costs incurred in connection with the sale of the Property (including, but not limited to, capital gains taxes, local taxes, stamp duty, B. transfer duties or registration fees), that the sale of the immovable property involves the transfer of all related liabilities and liabilities, including but not limited to loans, finance leases and security rights, and that the assets are leased to group companies under leases. Before the sale, the seller includes another company to hold all the properties of the first to rent it. 5.1. .