Skype Agreement

You acknowledge and understand that the availability and distribution of the number does not constitute a transfer of ownership or other rights in the numbers. 20.3.1 This Skype product is available to all users with logged-in accounts. For a user with a logged-in account, all SMS sent by Skype to SMS-enabled numbers worldwide is billed via SMS – see for full details of available features and targets. 13.1.2. You may purchase third-party content, products or services available on, including games, apps, images, ringtones or avatars to customize their Skype software interface. These third-party products and services may be subject to your license agreement and the third party`s privacy policy, which you must accept upon download or installation. If you have any problems with payment, download or installation, please contact Skype Service through your Skype Manager. If you use any pre-installed, integrated, combined, distributed or used software on other products, hardware, software applications, programs or devices on other products, hardware, software applications or devices (“other technologies”), you agree and acknowledge that: (a) you may be required to participate in a separate license agreement; and/or (ii) acquire a subscription of; and/or (iii) pay a royalty to the third party owner or licensor for the use of that other technology; (b) certain products and/or features may not be accessible through the other technology and (c) Skype cannot guarantee that the software is always available on or in combination with that other technology. In addition, our software may contain features that allow you to transmit information to a map service or to be on a map using a map service..

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