Adjudication Plea Agreement

But for some other crimes, even if you get a deferred decision, you may not be able to clear the charge from your file. If you have been convicted of a crime within five years of your last complaint. The second type of deferred decision in Maine is what is called a “deferred provision.” Unlike a notification contract, there is legal jurisdiction under 17-A M.R.S.A. ยง 1348 et seq. for a deferred disposition. In addition, a deferred injunction requires that, unlike a service agreement, the defendant confess guilt on the merits before the sentence is deferred during the deferral agreement. In Maine, a deferred order is only available to defendants charged with either a Class E or D misdemeanor or a Class C fet. A deferred provision is not available for youth cases or for Class A or B offences. [9] In a “deferred prosecution” scenario, you again introduce a confession of guilt or not of contesting the offence, this time on paper and not before a judge. However, the charge is dismissed at the end of the front and is not reinstated, unless you violate the terms of the deferred prosecution agreement. Deferred prosecution is not formally supervised parole. There is no monitoring, but you will probably have to complete some tasks. While the contract is in effect, you cannot commit any other offenses in addition to a Class C traffic offense.

If you violate the terms of the deferred prosecution agreement and the state can re-file the indictment and prosecute the case in full.