Publication Of Agreement

When a research publication has more authors, the publisher often requires an author to commit to representing all authors with respect to the publisher (often referred to as the corresponding author). Some publishers also request that one of the authors justify that the research was carried out in accordance with good scientific practices (often called guarantee). Learn more about the different roles of author in Forskerportalen`s article on Diesatoso. With respect to editorial (editorial) work agreements, UBVA has seen contracts that place publishers in excessive liability for each author`s contributions, including strict liability for the fact that no contributor to the work in question commits plagiarism, etc. 4.1 The corresponding author ensures and guarantees that the chapter does not infringe any applicable rights or third parties` rights and , in particular, that the chapter contains: whatever is defamatory or violates literary or property rights, intellectual property rights or any right to privacy. The corresponding author guarantees and presents that: (i) the chapter is the original work of himself and any co-author and is not copied entirely or essentially by other works or materials or any other source; (ii) the chapter has not been formally published in another trade magazine or in an edited book or collection and is not contemplated for such publication; (iii) itself and all co-authors are qualified persons under Section 154 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988; (iv) it and all the co-authors have not and will not have relinquished, for the duration of this publication agreement, the rights granted to IntechOpen under this publication agreement; and (v) the rights conferred by this publication agreement are exempt from any interest in security, options, mortgages, fees or pledges. The UBVA agreement (2010) therefore assumes that both publishers and authors have the right to combat copyright infringement, see section 31 of the agreement: In the absence of a separate text or common publication conditions, for example. B on the website of the publishing house. the detailed content of the publication agreement must be inferred from the parties` discussions on the publication of the book, supplemented, if necessary, by the type of assumptions that researchers and publishers have in publishing.