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Students must indicate the changes made to the contract – have the contract signed – have the contract signed by the teachers responsible for their course – send the apprenticeship contract and the modifications (pages 1 and 2) to the mobility office The apprenticeship agreement consists of two pages – the first page includes the courses that the student intends to take. This page must be completed and signed before departure (see below). – The second page deals with all possible changes to the following courses. This page must be filled out and signed after arrival at the host university (see below). To establish their study contract, students refer to the Course Program page. You must take min.15 ECTS/semester. You can take courses as part of BeNeFri at the University of Bern or/and the University of Freiburg, as well as via the AZUR network at the University of Lausanne or/and the University of Geneva. But most of their courses (70%) University of Neuch√Ętel. Changes to the Apprenticeship Agreement Under the terms of the apprenticeship agreement, it is possible to amend a learning agreement that was approved before departure. Students who wish to change their contract must make all necessary changes within 3 weeks of starting classes.

The apprenticeship agreement is between a student, his or her professor at the university of origin and a professor at the host university. It formalizes the agreement on the content of the exchange and ensures that the transfer of credits for courses passed successfully by the student according to the criteria established by the university of origin. Implementation of the Apprenticeship Contract Students considering trading at UniNE should have their apprenticeship contract signed by their home institution and send it to the exchange office to ensure that it is received at least one month before the start of the Clases, i.e. until June 30 and until the fall semester until October 30 of the spring semester. 1. Your application is mandatory! Before you apply, think carefully about whether you really want and can go abroad. A subsequent cancellation of your seats implies a high organisational effort. If you have to rescind your seat, we will bite you to find a classmate who wants to take a seat. Otherwise, the place must be dilapidated.

New: To enter Turkey, you need proof of Turkish-language health insurance: www.intl.boun.edu.tr/?q=public-health-insurance-students-countries-have-agreements-turkey At the end of your studies abroad, you must have the “Confirmation of Stay” form completed by the International Office of the University of Stay, specifying the exact dates of the study you submit to the TUM INTERNATIONAL CENTRE. Pre-indications that are not accurate are not accepted. In addition, private stays or holidays at the end or in advance of studies should not be allowed. c) Please indicate here 4 maximum priorities for the desired destination universities! All other measures, including socialization rules and hygiene recommendations, are maintained. All measures are in effect until further notice. The website is being updated. In the case of conflicting statements, the most recent data apply. Updated regulations from the University of Bern are available here. The rules for the canton of Bern are available here.

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