British Airways Zed Agreements

Depending on your airline`s agreements with other airlines, many other airlines can purchase ZED tickets. Please consult your airline to find out what agreements they have made. Therefore, even if you had a list of all the airlines with which British Airways has interline agreements, this list should be accompanied by comments on whether there are exceptions that exclude certain routes and what they were, whether the agreement covers only freight and perhaps fare levels between interline bookings. BA will have such a list. IATA will have a list such as the organization that manages the interline. I believe it is possible to deduce a list of GDS systems used by travel agencies to make reservations, when they should probably look for the manual to find out how, since there is no normal reason for them to want it. There are also interline agreements that exist only for the exchange of freight and not for passengers. There is also a difference between “Interline” and “partners.” Many airlines have interline agreements that should only be used in the event of a service failure, and the mere mention of the word “partner” would encourage competition authorities to seek out the entire activity in search of agreements between one of the. B agreements between United and Delta, which have an interline agreement, but are by no means partners.

Please note that myIDTravel displays loads in a fun, smiley-based way. These indications are not accurate and have proven to be unreliable. We have your back: you can request accurate and reliable cargoes with our StaffTraveler app. Experflyer has a free test subscription, if you invest a little time, you can get the Interline list yourself from there. ZED trips are designated in different ways around the world. Here are a few other words you might find: Many airlines have their own specific rules and procedures when it comes to ID90 passengers. StaffTraveler has a large database containing information about id90. You can find them in the StaffTraveler app and in StaffTraveler Airline online notes. And if you check that a route can be booked as an itinerary (with protected connections) on a third-party site, then the answer is yes, unless you use (the only book that paves unprotected connections). You shouldn`t just buy from a third party online because of other shonkiness levels, but, kiwi aside, third parties use a GDS for flight search and GDS will only return schedules with protected interlined connections. If one of them looks good, take the details of a serious full service travel agency and see if they can book it.